“Making great memories in Fleetwood for years to come .”

Born and raised in Fleetwood, I have an ingrained love of the seaside, beautiful sunsets and the historic buildings this unique Victorian town has to offer. It’s a daily occurrence for me to be found walking on the beach with my two girls and our totally bonkers spaniel Kyla. For me the sea air has a way of bringing some peace and clarity to the hectic world we live in.

Unlike many of the residents of our town, my tummy much prefers the waves to be lapping around my wellies, which are firmly in the sand, than to be on the deck of a boat,  but Fleetwood boasts a long and eventful nautical history and the local college plays a big part in continuing this theme into our towns future.

I have run businesses for most of my working life but I do have a strong passion for old buildings, especially ones that need a new lease of life. To me there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of restoring a disused or tired building into beautiful home, which become home to local residents or Nautical College students. I feel it helps make our town a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live with a hope that memories made and shared will help keep my home town alive for many more years to come. 

— Kim Masterton-Taylor

“Driven to create a calm environment that is a home away from home!”

My husband and I bought our first buy to let property over ten years ago, following my 17 year career in education.

Since then we have grown our property portfolio in Fleetwood and have recently moved into the area of creating beautiful spaces for the student’s of the nautical college to call home.

During my time working in education, I came to understand the importance of the environment where students live in enabling them to perform well in their studies as well as feeing safe and settled.

This is why I am passionate about, not only providing the best accommodation available in Fleetwood, but also going above and beyond the normal duties as a landlord to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

I met Kim through Great Move Lettings and we decided to join forces to offer students the best accommodation available in Fleetwood and an enhancement to the service usually delivered by landlords operating alone. We have a great team and we think you’ll love living at our houses.

Lisa Robinson

We are proud to work with these partners to ensure we provide you with the most professional accommodation service in Fleetwood.